Detox Inch Loss Wraps

Lose up to 14 inches in one treatment, see cellulite reduction and body contouring. Results can be permanent. Each wrap includes gentle enzyme exfoliation to promote nutrient absorption, a hydrating aloe treatment cream to stimulate circulation and relaxing pressure-point massage.

Detox Inch Loss Body Wrap $65+
Warm, luxurious, pampering and comfortable, this wrap encourages circulation, lymphatic flow and internal tissue cleansing.

  • Controls edema while stimulating body and tissue purification.
  • Detoxification reduces cellulite and provides permanent inch loss.
  • Lose up to ½ pant size with each wrap.
  • A series of 3-6 wraps is recommended 1-2 weeks apart. Can be performed 2 times per week.
  • In conjunction with Weight Management Program, do wrap for every 5-10 lbs lost.
  • Enhances any internal Wellness Program.

+ All prices are subject to increase based on quantity of product used.

Pre and post measuring available; add $15


Add-Ons to Body Wraps

Tissue Repair $10
Nourishes, softens and conditions ultra-dry and damaged skin. Helps diminish and prevent stretch marks and scars.  Aids in relief of psoriasis, eczema and ultra-dry skin without aggravating tissue damage.

Muscle Soothe $10
Soothes muscle and nerve pain as well as inflammation by reducing the inflammatory tissue response directly. Developed to treat swelling, aches, pains, soreness of muscles, joints, sprains, stiffness, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatic pain and fibromyalgia.

AromaTouch(R) Scalp & Hand Massage $20
Essential oil blend nourishes and hydrates hair and scalp while relaxing tight muscles. Soothing and softening hand massage helps reduce stress with pressure point therapy.

Members: Add Any Facial to a Wrap for Half Price